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Welcome to!

Your site was successfully created on server. Don't forget to check our terms.

Be sure that your account has minimum 1hit per month. Inactive accounts are deleted at the end of month.

New accounts have indexes disabled and anyone can see directory content until you upload a valid index. If indexes are disabled you will see a forbidden page (403) until you upload a valid index.

Valid indexes: index.html index.php index.htm Index.php index.shtml Index.htm Index.html default.htm default.html home.htm home.html

Account Manager:

You're hosted on server. Account Manager is located at


Password: password chosen by you at registration

If you have accounts created on more than one server, see


Some scripts require server path. Yours is /home/vhosts/

Your Personal FTP Information:

FTP server (host):

FTP username:

FTP password: it's equal with account password chosen by you at registration

To upload your files go to our Web based FTP client (recommended), located at

Once logged in, you will be able to create a new dir, new file, to upload a zip archive and have it unzipped automatically, to edit your files, to select files and download them as .zip, to copy, move, delete, rename, chmod (change permissions), search anything under your account, ability to see and edit dot files like .htaccess. With a normal ftp program you will not be able to do this.

For a complete list of features see

MySQL database Information:

You will get a limited number of free databases per account. But you can create other accounts and get as many free databases as you want.

ATTENTION!!! MySQL databases must be activated @ Account Manager >> Hit Create DB button.

MySQL HostName is localhost only. We don't allow external connections.

phpMyAdmin is located at Log in using MySQL username.

PhpMyAdmin (PMA) is a tool that will help you to administer your database. You don't have privileges to create a database with PMA because, as said before, databases must be created @ Account Manager using Create DB button.

Database details (db name, username) will be provided at Account Manager once you create the database.

Other features at Account Manager:

One click Autoinstaller for PhpBB3, SMF, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal (with Clean URLs preenabled), Moodle.

One click database backup & One click database import

Manage DB button (available after you create a database) >> then choose Backup DB or Import DB buttons

Configure PHP

you can turn on/off Register Globals, Magic Quotes gpc, Allow_url_include variables.

safe_mode is automatically turned off few hours after account creation.

Reset Account

useful if you want to delete all files/databases under your account.

Fix Ownership

some files are created with apache permissions (e.g. unpack an archive, php scripts) and you're not able to edit/delete them. This feature will fix permissions and you will be able to manipulate all files under your account.

Free hit tracker (web counter):

Sign up @ then just insert the code into your pages.


We have full support for mod_rewrite or dot files (.htaccess, .htpasswd).

Attention!! A wrong .htaccess file can block your site and instead you will see a

500 internal server error.


With .htaccess you're able to set custom error pages.

ErrorDocument 404 /404.html
ErrorDocument 403 /403.html

404.html - not found errors

403.html - forbidden errors


enable indexes using:

Options +Indexes
IndexOptions FancyIndexing


turn on/off php variables:

php_flag display_errors On

php_flag register_globals On


block sites using:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://.*badsite\.com [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://.*otherbadsite\.com [NC]
RewriteRule .* - [F]

note the OR if you want to add block more than one domain.


block IPs using:

order allow,deny
deny from
deny from 10.0.0.
allow from all

first example, you block that particular ip

second example 10.0.0., you block all ips starting with 10.0.0.


block an ISP or a particular user coming from an ISP:

order allow,deny
deny from
deny from
allow from all

Attention!! Use a very hard to guess password to prevent your account being hacked. Also, install only new and optimized scripts. Take care with full permissions 777!!! For security reasons, set permissions for script configuration file to 644.

You will find a lot of useful information if you check our FAQ Section.

For latest news follow us at TWITTER.

Our service is ad free for small sites. To support us so we can offer a quality service, upgrade your account at


Thank you for using our services,

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